The Flying Biscuit

The Flying Biscuit
5270 Peachtree Pkwy #120
Norcross, GA 30092

(770) 407-5885

Sunday – Thursday 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Friday – Saturday 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

The Flying Biscuit Breakfast – $8.99
Coffee – $2.79
My Job Portfolio – Resumes included: they can be yours for FREE! #HireMe

When my friend went into his new job, everyone told him that The Flying Biscuit was the best place for breakfast.

Biscuit is in the name? And the biscuit is FLYING?! Well, I was intrigued. So Friday while I waited for him to get out of work I treated myself to breakfast.

It was around 10 a.m. on a Friday and the place was pretty full. I walked through an outdoor patio which would have been great to sit out in if it wasn’t so darn cold still…as I hurried through, I did see a specials board, but didn’t stop to read it (brrrrrr) figuring the waitress could tell me what was on it once I got to the table.

As I entered the oh-so-talked-about breakfast joint, a smiling hostess quickly sat me down. I debated sitting at the bar to the left, which seemed intriguing as I was looking to spend a little time there, but it was full. It seemed to be a popular spot in there, especially for those solo breakfast eaters.

The colors in there were…harsh. Purple, orange, yellow…I get it, you’re a franchise but WOOF. Not that the decor should really matter – but man, if you WANT to look like a franchise you should do what they do and stick to colors that don’t often appear in nature. No me gusta.

I quickly ordered a coffee, which came with a water. A small detail to everyone but me. I’m someone who needs to have water with breakfast. I’m a weirdo, but I appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to ask. She obviously got me as a person.

After browsing the menu, I decided to go with The Flying Biscuit Breakfast. I mean…you’re a breakfast joint right? So why get super fancy. Gimme dem eggs, and biscuits! As soon as she walked away from taking my order, my heart sank. I noticed a second specials board by the bar…I had forgotten to ask about the board I saw when I walked in and she had forgotten to let me know as well. Womp, womp. Next time maybe.

Alright – here it is: I don’t claim to be a food expert. I can only offer personal opinions on the food I’m eating. WITH THAT SAID…

Can someone please tell me what gives with the slight sugar on top of their biscuits? Anyone? My instinct tells me that “traditional” Southern biscuits don’t come with such a topping. It was hot, the outside was crunchy and the inside was FLAKY and just to die for. But I was so thrown off by that sugar that I left the top part of the biscuit behind. #RIP It also came with a cranberry compote. Man. Talk about sweet. Delicious? Sure. But I’m a savory breakfast person. Between this and the sugar on the biscuit…it was all too overwhelming. I tasted a bit of it and decided to leave it to the side.

The eggs were cooked perfectly (over easy) and the grits were super, super flavorful. I saw waitresses walking around with shirts that said O.M.G. (Oh My Grits!) and I couldn’t agree more. Garlicky and buttery…and just made me feel warm and fuzzy in all the right places. But they were SO RICH that I couldn’t finish them either. Ask anyone who knows me, this is absurd. I always clean my plate.

The chicken sausage patties were interesting. I spent half my meal debating if they were out of a box or fresh. My issue with any type of sausage is that it tends to be overly salty. Salty can be good, but when you are eating a sausage link you know is your sodium intake for the next month…it can put a damper on your breakfast. Just beware: these were unexpectedly spicy! I love a kick to my food, so I was pleasantly surprised. If this had been my dad however…not so much. The point was, I never really determined if they were fresh but they were tasty enough and not so salty that I couldn’t eat them. I enjoyed them but I’d leave them out the next time around so I can focus all my attention to those grits (O.M.G.).

My waitress checked on me a few times as I tackled this dish. My biggest pet peeve about the entire experience? She dropped my check before I was done eating. Of course she told me “take your time” – but c’mon.


  • Clear plates from a table before everyone is done eating
  • Drop a check before all the plates are cleared from the table

I don’t care how busy you are…your job is to make your diners experience the best possible one. If you clear plates while other people are eating it will make the ones still eating feel awkward and rushed. Same if you drop the check while they’re not even half way through the meal! And no, saying “take your time” isn’t sufficient enough to let you get away with that. It’s uncomfortable. No, I can’t really take my time now can I? And even if I could you’ve already made me feel like I can’t. So I won’t. And that will effect your tip.

I digress…

I looked around and saw that even though ½ of the place was full, there was no one waiting for a table. As I stood up to leave, I saw two people sitting at a table with computers and paperwork all spread out. They were obviously going to be there for some time, just as I would have liked to.

All in all, it wasn’t so bad. The best breakfast place ever? I wouldn’t say so. A bad choice to go? Not at all. It’s a chain…probably a reliable one, but not anything more than that.

Above and IHOP for sure – but not your local diner either. They wouldn’t ever make you feel like you had to leave.

Oh – and one more thing…if you’re going to advertise your Twitter handle on your receipt, make sure the account is unlocked!


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