Tap 1180

TAP | A Gastropub
1180 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA  30309



Monday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Friday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 12 a.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

The bar is open 1 hour after the kitchen, every day.

Trivia Nights
Every Monday at 7 p.m.

Yes, and it’s complimentary! But don’t forget to tip – all tips given at the valet go to charity!

All plastic, glass and cardboard are recycled at TAP.

Half the fun of doing these reviews comes from the fact that I gave up before I began on trying to pick places with any rhyme or reason. I’m new to Atlanta…so I’ve really just picked places that seemed decent and walked in. And that is how I walked into TAP.

The ambiance is exactly what you’d expect for a place that calls itself “A Gastropub.” Modern square backed bar stools (just look at the pictures), a mix of sleek black bars and accents with deep red wooden walls. There is an outdoor patio as well that is well hidden from the street by tall trees and shrubs.

I sat down at the bar and was quickly greeted by my bartender Chris. Since being in Atlanta, I’ve tried to order as many local beers as I can and ended up with the Red Harre, Watership Brown Ale ($5). It’s an American Brown Ale that was kind of sweet but with a hint of hops that wasn’t too overwhelming. Their menu boasts 35 beers on tap as well as 2 wines on tap, spirits and bottled beers.

After taking a look at the menu and being intrigued by a lot of their dishes (like the Spring Radishes on Toast, the Crispy Duck Wings and the Fish and Chips) I decided to go with the Pub Burger ($12). The thought here being if you want me to trust your lamb confit, you better be able to cook a burger like a boss.

You have to pick a side to go with your entrée – so I asked Chris for his opinion. I asked what his favorite side was and the first thing out of his mouth was the Mac & Beer Cheese…then followed by the Red Quinoa salad. C’mon, how is that fair to a girl? Two opposite ends of the spectrum! Although I’m sure the quinoa was delicious, I opted to go with what Christ declared was “the best mac and cheese in town.”

I love surprises. I love it when I go into a place expecting it to be “okay” and I’m totally proven wrong because it turns out to be awesome.

The burger comes with American cheese and house made B&B pickles – that’s it. No lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup or mustard (although the ketchup and mustard were placed on the bar, just in case).  I don’t know what my issue was that day, but I was so disgruntled. No lettuce or tomato? What the hell am I paying for?! Why are these seats square?! Why does this menu read like a clever Tumblr post?! Mind you – this was all in my head.

But TAP just refused to let me have a bad experience!

This burger doesn’t need all that extra nonsense. I ate that burger just as it was and every bite was incredibly delicious. They cooked it exactly as I wanted it (Medium Rare) and the meat was well seasoned and moist.

The Mac and Beer Cheese was unbelievably decadent. Just be aware: I ended up paying $2 extra to have this as my side. I didn’t mind – but it might be good to question your waiter or bartender about the price difference between sides.

Anyways – you first need to get past the cheese on the very that looks wonderful in pictures but was a bit rubbery in real life. I pushed it aside and got right to the good stuff. Noodles hanging out in a steaming hot Jacuzzi of tasty beer cheese. I don’t eat this type of side often mostly because I always end up getting mac and cheese that is rich, but tastes like…processed, plastic, generic cheese. This had a depth and flavor, which is rare in mac and cheese. I think that happens mostly because people think they can skimp and take short cuts because hey, anything they make would be better than Kraft, right? Wrong! It’s an awful way to look at this classic dish. When you take your time, you get the Mac and Beer Cheese at TAP and man; it’s so worth it.

I debated even writing about this next part, because the surprise made me so happy I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spoil it for the rest of you. I’ll take you through my thought process step by step. That way you can turn away if you don’t want to be spoiled!

  • What is this little ramekin? It’s a weird shape. And it’s a gross color. Maybe it’s some kind of 1000 island type sauce? Whatever.  (Like I said, I was a grumpy goober yesterday)
  • This ramekin looks like a shot glass. Maybe you should stop eating at bars. Wait is it a shot glass? Nah.
  • Let me taste this before I ruin my burger by putting it all over it without a taste test. (After I place my fork in it.) UGH! Why is this so firm?! That’s disgusting.  Let’s be real, I’ll try it anyways.

I couldn’t get over it for the rest of the meal. Mostly because I was amused that I didn’t realize what it was right off the bat. There are certain foods and drinks that just go so damn well together. A phenomenal burger and a chocolate milkshake? Absolute perfection. The burger and macaroni were so rich that it was nice to have a sweet cool break from the richness of the rest of the meal. It was the perfect compliment.

If I had gotten fries instead of the macaroni, you best believe I would have been dipping them in that chocolate shake. Tweet me at @_goodeats if you have this habit too!

The service (Go in and say hi to Chris and Pablo! Give them your money!), the food (ok, ok I’ll try the lamb confit), and the ambiance (those chairs are so good if you love sitting at a bar all night drinking beer. My beer drinkin’ booty appreciated the support.) made it a place I want to try again and again.


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