Last Wednesday I went to a cooking demonstration at the Chuice headquarters in Atlanta.

Chuice. Chewable. Juice. I was skeptical. When I was living in Los Angeles there was a juice place down the street from me. I’d watch them blend carrots, kale, spinach, apples in front of me and I’d force myself to slurp down this luke warm bitter or sharp drink. I love eating things raw, but even that was a bit much for me to take. So I went into this skeptical, but hoping to be proven wrong.

Ladell Hill spoke a lot about how growing up, his grandfather taught him everything there was to know about plants and herbs. After going through fitness fads of the 80’s and 90’s (protein powders, diets, etc.) Ladell was bulking up, but started to feel like he had diminished energy, his knees were bothering him from the quick weight gain and he decided to go back to his grandfather’s way of eating. He referred to this as “indigenous eating.”

What I loved the most about this was that Ladell and Dr. Sharma (his business partner who took five years to be convinced there was merit in Ladell’s plant/herb lifestyle) made it a point to tell us that this isn’t a weight loss tool, or a diet, or a cleanse. They market this as a way of life. You can have it as a snack, or a meal replacement…you can have it once a week or have it for every single meal you eat (like Ladell tends to do).

So – what’s most important? Does it taste good?

Oh. My. Life.

The Tree of Like (the green drink) smelled sweet and refreshing…what I smelled the most was cucumber.  When you drank it, it didn’t have that awful taste I spoke of earlier. It was light, it was crisp and refreshing! I thought the solid parts of the juice would be a bit too much to handle, but it was my favorite part. There were nuts and some of the leafy greens that kept their form.  Ladell’s reasoning for this is that when you chew, you release enzymes in your saliva that aid digestion.

On a personal note, I think the chewable concept is just smart on a whole other level than the enzyme concept. I had jaw reconstruction that meant I couldn’t eat solid foods for well over a month. All I had was liquid for about 60 days. It was torture. My jaw started to ache just because I wanted to be able to CHEW something! If your plan is to use a juice to supplement your meals, chewing it is going to make it a whole lot easier than if you’re just slurping down something else! It feels more complete.

I also loved that Chuice doesn’t have to be eaten just as it. They put it over salad and over papaya as well…they also used it in a shrimp stir fry. It’s dynamic, it’s good for you and it’s DELICIOUS.

They were nice enough to give me a 12 oz bottle to take home. I finished it before I even got home and felt amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I had a rush of energy that wasn’t manic (like when you drink a lot of sugary drinks), I didn’t feel bloated (like I do when I have my quad lattes). I simply felt amazing…like the best version of myself that day.

You can order Chuice online, or you can find it in health food stores around Atlanta (check out their location page here).

They have me fully convinced that Chuice is the way to go…I called my Mom and sent her to the website as soon as I left their test kitchen, and I went out this weekend and bought a few bottles for myself!

Go ahead, support a phenomenal local business and give it a try and let me know what you think on Twitter at @_goodeats.


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