Horseradish Grill

Horseradish Grill
4320 Powers Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA

Ph: 404-255-7277

 Oh, dear loyal lovely readers. It has been too long. Between unexpected health complications and emergency trips home – this entry has been embarrassingly delayed. But I couldn’t not write about the amazing experience I had at Horseradish Grill on May 6th.  My apologies that I couldn’t share this amazing experience sooner.

 When I pulled up to the restaurant, I was a bit surprised that my first impression wasn’t “this is a barn” (as the name hints). In fact it reminded me of my grandparents house in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Nothing about it screamed “restaurant!” it simply looked like a house. A house that was hidden by beautiful, blooming and well cared for gardens.

Once I went inside and all of the Altlanta Food Blogger Society members there settled in, we were greeted by owner Steve Alterman. He thanked us all for coming and then began to describe how he runs his business – which was the smartest and least “business like” model ever. I loved it.

He treats it like it’s his home and he’s having guests over for dinner. It’s that simple really. What do you do when you’re having a dinner party?

  1. You clean your house.
  2. You ask your guests what their favorite foods are…what they’d like to eat that night.
  3. You take the time to prepare them a meal you know they’ll love.
  4. When they arrive, you greet them warmly – offer them a seat and pour them a drink.

 At this point I knew I was in for a phenomenal night.

 The Menu for the Evening:

First Course

Pimento Cheese Grit Fritter, Country Ham Aioli, Homemade B&B Pickles (Uhm…)
Fish fry and Garlic Chips, Alabama White Sauce (Excuse you?)
Fried Green Tomato, Goat Cheese, Spiced Pecans, Remoulade (So done. But don’t stop.)

Second Course

Shrimp and Grits (OMFG)

Third Course

Braised pork belly, cornmeal pancake short stake, rhubarb red onion jam (You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me…)

Fourth Course

Pan seared scallop, Carolina gold rice middlins with skillet scallions, fried Savoy cabbage with barbecue vinaigrette, black eyed “peanuts” (Is it too soon to say I love you?)

Fifth Course

Wood grilled HRG dry rubbed rib eye, parmesan fries, smoked garlic corn sauce (I think I see the light…)

Dessert Tasting

At this point I blacked out.
No I kid.

Pecan pie, chocolate cake, sweet potato crème Brule

This blog entry could go on for fifteen years. I’m still dreaming about the shrimp and grits – a mildly spicy surprise that brought 10 rambunctious and slightly buzzed (I kid. Sort of.) food bloggers to silence.

I’m still in awe over the garden that they keep in the back of the restaurant, where they grow their own herbs and vegetables that are used daily in their meals. A garden that got me SUPER SUPER homesick. It reminded me so much of my grandparents garden it hurt. It’s the highest compliment I could pay a garden, really…

As a new comer to Atlanta, I knew that Horseradish Grill had a reputation; it was a “name”. Too many times reputations turn out to be just pieces of memories– and the reality is much less impressive. Not the case here.

They have the recipe down to a T. Phenomenal service, fresh ingredients and a passion for food made right.

I can’t wait to get back over there for brunch one of these days…those grits are just calling my name.


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