440 Child Street
Warren, RI 02885

Ph: 401-289-2324

Note: They cannot sit more than 6 people at a table!

Sam Glynn what did you do?

Chomp, located in Warren, RI is a gem – a gem I wish had existed before I moved from MA/RI to Atlanta.

My family and I ventured there to celebrate my brother’s last day at home before heading off on a three-month intensive nature/hunting training course in Colorado.

The venue is small, so I imagine there is probably a wait on the weekends. On a Tuesday night we had to wait about a half hour (party of 5) but it was worth it.

On our table this evening:

To start:

Mussels: Maine Harvested Mussels sautéed with shallots & a melange of peppers in a fragrant broth of ginger, lemon grass, coconut & green curry served with lightly toasted pita bread 11.99

Wings: Dry rubbed and served crispy with these deliciously creative flavors; Hot & Smokey, Southwest Cheddar, Maple Bourbon & Bacon 9.99 (we got the Maple Bourbon)


Pork Belly BLT: Thick sliced confit of pork belly, organic cherry tomato salad, chili lime aioli served on grilled sourdough 9.99

(My 10 year old sister ate the above…and loved it)

House Burger: Our signature burger, Smoked Gouda, house cured bacon, Chomp Sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles 9.99

Shumai Burger: Our Pork “Dumpling” Burger, cilantro-mint salad, Kim chi, chili lime mayo, crispy wonton ribbons 10.99

Bacon Me Crazy: Our custom blended patty topped with thick cut bacon, house made bacon mayo, bacon jam, American and cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato 13.99

And…drumroll please:

#TheStack 2.3: Our custom beef patty with American cheese, spicy fried chicken with smoked gouda, smoked BBQ beef, bacon, ranch, onion jam with lettuce and tomato 16.99

The service was great and the food was perfect. I got the House Burger, which was cooked Medium Rare and tasted so, so fresh. YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE.

My brother got the Stack. This burger was voted one of the top five burgers in the United States. I’ll just let the picture speak for itself.

I will be back here before I return to Atlanta. There are very few places in this area that don’t take short cuts…or maybe the décor is great and the food is mediocre. Chomp does it all. Go. Right this second.


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