Burger Fi

Burger Fi
1520 Avenue Place
Atlanta, GA 30329

(Helpful tip: the store front is facing the main street)


Sunday –Thursday 11 a.m.  – 11 p.m.
Friday – Saturday  11 a.m.  – 12 a.m.

(404) 665-4400

So before I start this review, I’d like to take a moment to call out two very important facts regarding the Burger Fi location at Emory Point.

  1. Never have I been so overwhelmed by a meal that I have written and posted my review from the restaurant…while I’m still eating. I have a beer to nurse. Take that any way you’d like.
  2. When you come to this location, you can be sure to over hear the oddest conversations. Shout out to the two women discussing the fungus on the mosquitoes in their lab. You’ll pull through…get a new lab assistant and get out their with your nets! And be sure you put your mosquitoes in the freezer next time! Damn.

Alright so I never win anything but at last nights Annual Atlanta Food Blogger Society meeting I won a $15 gift card to Burger Fi. I had never heard of it but after looking it up, it is a chain of restaurants that touts fresh, all natural burgers, an extensive fry menu and serves beer and wine.


First thing you need to know about Burger Fi – everything is a la carte. Normally, I hate that…but yay gift card!

I ordered the Burger Fi Cheese Burger ($5.97) a Sweet Water Road Trip ($4.97) and the Regular Fries done up Urban Style ($3.94).

The cheeseburger wasn’t bad. I can see how they get away with touting that the meat is fresh. You can just tell when you taste red meat if it’s old, or processed. It has that weird undertone of staleness to it. I didn’t get that here. However, my only disappointment was the CHEESE. They very clearly state it’s American Cheese, however the color and taste reminded me TOO much of McDonalds cheese! Yes, that can be satisfying if you’re craving it, but there’s something that is fundamentally rubbery about that cheese.

Not a big deal though. I was so satisfied; I would definitely come back…but maybe just try something different like the Brisket Burger! Or I branch out and make my own.

I asked the girl behind the counter what she suggested for fry toppings. She suggested the “Urban Style” which was not on the menu above her head, but lives on the “secret” menu.  You can check out their secret menu online here. I had seen it before I came but forgot about it when I walked in the door. I’m glad I asked her! Don’t forget you should too. The Urban Fries are topped with Parmesan, herbs and a garlic aioli.

The décor of the place is definitely playing up to this urban/rustic chic theme we see often now. Metal chairs and a few metal tables accent beautiful wood tables and wood paneled walls. Oh, and if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to think about where your meat comes from: don’t look up. The lights are strategically hung from cattle hooks. Moo.

Burger Fi is definitely a solid choice if you’re looking for a fast, delicious and hearty bite to eat. I could honestly see myself coming here for a few beers and a whole lot of fries with different toppings! At $5 a beer and $4 for that many fries, how could you not?


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