Dinner & A Cause: Children of Conservation!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Good Eats Mundial has gotten their dining card!

The money that goes to purchasing this card goes to supporting the wonderful work Children of Conservation do while allowing us foodies to get 20% off our ENTIRE check at participating restaurants!

Click here to buy yours today! You can also check out the running list of participating restaurants at this link too.

What I love most about the Children of Conservation is that they give you so many different opportunities to help! Don’t know if you’ll use the dining card? Then support a child’s scholarship instead! Without funding some of these children will not get past the second grade.

Bloggers’ Side Note: Please tip on the amount of your original bill! These restaurants are doing something wonderful to help out this organization, it’s the least you can do! 🙂

So who are the Children of Conservation?

Children of Conservation is dedicated to the conservation and protection of endangered species in third world countries through education, habitat preservation and wildlife sanctuary support. During our visits to these countries, we realized that lasting change requires a global approach. Children of Conservation projects are designed not only to help the animals, but also benefit the local people working tirelessly to protect these creatures, preserve their habitat, and end the devastating bushmeat trade.

Children of Conservation,” was inspired by the story of Jonathan Kang(head keeper at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon, Africa). Our primary project is a scholarship program that provides an education to the children of wildlife sanctuary workers that would otherwise be unavailable. In addition to helping cultivate conservation minded future leaders in the community, Children of Conservation provides a tangible benefit to the existing soldiers of conservation (their parents, the sanctuary workers).


The card!


The card!


Picture from their website.


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