Fado Irish Pub

Fado Irish Pub
273 Buckhead Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30305

Ph: (404) 841-0066

Monday – Friday: 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.
Saturday: Early – 3 a.m.
Sunday: Early – 12 a.m.

I won’t lie, my time in Boston has made me a bit skeptical of any place that calls itself an Irish pub. There might be one place in Boston that calls itself an Irish pub that is half way decent. I say one not because I know which one it is but I assume that city has to have one and I happened to miss it. For the most part they’re mostly just grody establishments that serve over priced Sam Adams and cheap imitation “Irish” foods and frozen fries. Ugh.

Anyways. I digress.

Fado Irish Pub in Buckhead was an extremely pleasant surprise. I headed there after the Atlanta Food Blogger Society Annual Meeting – drinking and eating with food bloggers is always a good time!

I wasn’t planning on blogging. I just wanted to eat…but I was so pleasantly surprised by my experience I couldn’t help it!

I shared the Chicken Curry Chips ($7.95) – super flavorful and such a pleasant change from the usual dry, flavorless fries I’m used to in pubs. I wish I hadn’t had been sharing!

The Greek Tacos ($8.95) come three to an order and are small. They were just okay. Essentially you’re eating three mini gyros that happen to be in flour tortillas. The meat was dry – and although it wasn’t a huge disappointment I don’t think I’d order them again.

The Smoked Salmon Bites ($8.95) were served on a crisp boxty “blini” with capers, onions and a light horseradish and lemon sauce. They come four to an order and were absolutely delish! My hesitance in ordering seafood at a pub was quieted when Denise and Erica raved about their order. I had to follow suit. Best decision EVER.

I’m so glad I didn’t let my unfounded hesitance stop me from trying Fado out!  I know where I’ll be watching the final game between Germany and Argentina. For sure. #LetsGoGermany!


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