Infusion Bistro

Infusion Bistro
2520 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, Georgia

Ph: 404-846-2212

Monday – Wednesday and Sunday 8 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. – 6 a.m.


Note: Bottomless Mimosas and Red Sangria ALL DAY on Saturdays and Sunday.

It’s not that us Northeasterners are not welcoming, but there is something about Southern hospitality that just takes it to another level. I joined the Atlanta Food Bloggers Society at Infusion Bistro for breakfast this morning and I was overwhelmed by their hospitality and the food!

Infusion Bistro celebrated their 1-year anniversary on June 24th. Known for their cake and pie infused waffles (yes you read that correctly) Infusion has spent the last year establishing themselves as an Atlanta staple.

They are not joking around with these waffles. Our lovely and over accommodating host, DRush made sure we got a taste of almost every infused waffle on the menu. Here are my thoughts on each of the flavors we got to try:

Red Velvet

Be still my beating heart. Red Velvet is always my favorite flavor anything because I’m not a huge fan of things that are REALLY sweet. These was the perfect, just decedent enough but not over whelming. I’d order them again in a heart beat.

Candied Yam

This was the flavor I was the most excited about trying – like I said, I’m not a huge fan of things that are TOO sweet but the yam added just enough of a hint a sweetness to know that you weren’t eating some plain ol’ waffle. This was by far my favorite waffle out of all the ones we tried.


This wasn’t bad! The waffle looks better than it tastes – it was a gorgeous presentation, but I couldn’t really taste the cookies or cream in the waffle itself. To me, it tasted like a regular waffle. Is that a bad thing? No. Because the flavor was still spot on…but if you’re looking for something overwhelmingly cookie-ish I’d skip this one!

Caramel Apple Pie

I mean do we really need to talk about how this tasted? It was freakin’ apple pie on a waffle. So. Good. This would be a perfect waffle to have in the fall with a huge cup of coffee or hot cider. Yum.

Georgia Peach Pie

How can you be in Atlanta and not try anything that has peach in it? Peach infused waffles with fresh peaches on top? SOLD!

All of these waffles came with chicken…

This chicken was to freakin’ die for. They do chicken strips – and at first I got nervous…sometimes that can mean the chicken comes out dry and blegh. NOT THE CASE HERE. This was the most flavorful chicken I have ever had with chicken and waffles. It was perfect. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

Next came out the other breakfast dishes –

Crab Omelet
Shrimp and Grits
Fish and Grits
Salmon Omelet
Cheese Omelet

The omelets as you can see in the pictures were not your skimpy, paper-thin type deals you get at some restaurants. These had plenty of eggs and didn’t skimp on the fillings! My favorite out of all the omelets was (surprisingly) the crab one! I’ve talked about it a few times, but I’m a seafood snob. I expected it to be fishy and taste fake but it was delightful. I’ll have to ask them where they get the crab from; I was too distracted and forgot to ask!

Their grits are a yellow stone mill grit – which means they’re thick, creamy and freakin’ delicious.

The shrimp and grits were full of flavor. They top it with a lobster sauce, which was delicious but I could have even done with about half of the amount that was on there. Don’t let that deter you though – I ate the whole thing anyways. Yum.

The fish and grits were interesting. You got scrambled egg, a bowl of grits and a side of fried tilapia. The batter they used to fry the fish in was extremely flavorful and passed my batter test with flying colors…you know, the “this better not be soggy and flop off the meat” test.

The drink I’ve been posting around was the Peach Infusion ($8) – made with coconut vodka, peach vodka, peach schnapps, muddled strawberry and fresh peaches and orange juice. They pour generously. Bless you.

The owner of Infusion, Desmond came over and spoke to us at the end of our meal. I really appreciated him taking the time to say hello but also loved that he made it a point to tell us to not hold back – that they want to become the best restaurant they can be, so to give them our honest opinions and feedback. Too often I have encountered people who say, “Yeah, write a review!” but in reality expect it to be a glowing review no matter the food or experience.  With that type of attitude I know that Infusion will be around for the long haul. Thank goodness too, there’s a whole dinner menu I need to try!

Other observations about Infusion Bistro outside of their food:

Desmond mentioned in passing that he was with a youth basketball program in the morning – something that the Bistro sponsors. Not only that, but a young man who had been in the program since he was 12 was eating with his family a couple tables over. He was celebrating the fact that he was just offered a basketball scholarship to Standford! Sir – if you are reading this: Congratulations!!!!!

Also, on Tuesday nights they host a night called “Say Word” – they set up a stage, have slam poetry readings, music and an artist come in who paints throughout the night. His paintings were up on the wall near the entrance.

Any business that supports its youth and artist community the way Infusion Bistro does is going to win a place in my heart!


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