The Salted Slate

The Salted Slate
186 Wayland Avenue
Providence, RI

Ph: 401-270-3737

Parking: Although their website says that they validate parking at the Wayland Square parking lot, this is has not been finalized and neither the restaurant or parking attendant will honor that. We mentioned it to the hostess who said that they were aware of the situation and were thinking of removing this piece of information from their website until it’s finalized – if you’re going for dinner give them a call ahead of time and see if anything has changed.


Mondays CLOSED.

Tuesday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Tuesday – Saturday 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

The Salted Slate is the newest addition to Wayland Square, and we were lucky enough to be treated to lunch there (thanks Mom).

From their website:

We search for and promote the best possible ingredients from local and international growers and producers.  By focusing on whole animal purchasing from nearby farmers and fishermen, we can ensure that these animals are humanely raised and harvested and fully utilized.  Nothing is wasted at The Salted Slate.

I was extremely excited to try this place out. Although I had not had the privilege of trying Taza, where Chef Benjamin Loyd was the head chef – his reputation has preceded him and we knew we had to jump at the chance to try out his first restaurant.

I was impressed at the interior. From the outside it looks like a very small venue, but once you step in you are looking at a large bar to the left with some high top tables by the windows and to the right a dining room that extends further back then I thought the building went. They also offer patio seating, which I would suggest taking advantage of if you have the chance!

We had taken a look at the menu ahead of time so we knew what we wanted. On our table:

Cucumber Vesper
cucumber infused vodka, lillet, orange bitters (stirred and up) $10

The Bacon Burger
freshly ground Blackbird beef with our own bacon, braised shortrib, herbed goat cheese and a house bulkie choose fries or chips $15

Herb Crusted Roast Beef
slow roasted Blackbird Farm round, caramelized onions, upland cress, Atwells Gold, house bulkie

When the Cucumber Vesper’s arrived my first thought was “this better be a strong drink.” The glasses were small and I admittedly know close to nothing about liquor, mixology and what makes a drink worth $10. So I go on what I do know: taste. My Mother and I both took a sip looked at each other and said “Oh.” It was delicious, strong (in a good way) and refreshing. It lasted me through my entire meal and I enjoyed it immensely. Phew.

My sister and I ordered the Bacon Burger…


When I ordered this I first though it was a burger, with slices of bacon on top. Then I read it again and mused, “Maybe it’s mixed in to the burger.” Then the burger came, and I didn’t ask the waiter for clarification because I was so hungry I was about to eat my own hand. Then when lunch ended, I got upset that they had seemingly forgotten the bacon on my burger (although in fairness, had this been the case I could have given the waiter the chance to fix it, but instead I decided I was too hungry to care). I gave them a call once I got home because not knowing bothered me so much! They confirmed that the bacon was mixed in to the burger patty itself. So don’t panic if you don’t see the bacon. It’s there…silently adding to the flavor! The bun was absolutely delicious and you could tell from the way it looked and tasted that it was homemade and really, that can make all the difference. The short rib on the burger melted in your mouth. I couldn’t help it and I took the top of the bun off and just ate the short rib off the burger it was that good. I got my burger cooked Medium Rare and my sister got hers done Well. They looked about the same when you cut into them. Hers was a bit more well done on the outside…thankfully we’re not picky eaters and she inhaled hers anyways. But it was a curious observation. Maybe it’s just being new, but they will need to be sure burger temperatures are accurate and consistent. Nothing worse than having picky eaters send back their meat to be re-cooked!

My Mother had the Roast Beef sandwich. She generously allowed me to take a couple of bites and oh my goodness…that is a sandwich. The roast beef melted in your mouth, the caramelized onions were sweet and added the perfect compliment to the heaviness of the bread and meat.

I won’t lie, the entire time I ate my burger I watched her eat her roast beef sandwich and wished I had ordered that instead (it was my second choice).

As we waited for our food and as we ate I noticed that there were a lot of people there for lunch, but they were all taking their very sweet time. One table ordered coffee, which was served to them in their own individual coffee presses. A table inside was littered with cocktail classes and laughing women. I’m not sure if they will establish themselves as a quick lunch go-to but I don’t know if that’s a bad thing either.

They very obviously have a small menu because they want to focus on making a few dishes great and I can definitely get behind that.

We enjoyed ourselves and certainly didn’t leave hungry. I think that before I come back here for dinner, I might give them a month to get in the swing of things. Service seemed a bit slow but I think it just comes with the territory of being a new restaurant. The food was in point, and it’s easy to picture a line forming out their door on a balmy summer or fall evening for dinner service.

Chef Benjamin Lloyd and The Salted Slate are a much welcome addition to Wayland Square!


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