Foodie Spotlight: Caroline Eubanks

This week our Foodie Spotlight is on Caroline Eubanks, an Alantan native who has done what most of us only dream about over a bottle of wine.

“I would love to go to Asia…”
“I would just love to travel the world!”
“I always wanted to eat crepes under the Eiffel Tower…”

Who ever really gets up and just goes? Well, Caroline did (and still does). Yes, we’re featuring another incredibly adventurous and intelligent woman on this weeks’ Foodie Spotlight. I’m sensing a theme here.

Check out the interview below to hear about her culinary experiences in Vietnam, Australia, Turkey and across the United States!

Caroline’s Contact Information:

Website | Caroline in the City
Facebook | Caroline in the City
Email |


Caroline Eubanks.

 Tell the readers at Good Eats: Mundial a little about yourself.

I’m a travel blogger and freelance writer originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve lived in Charleston, South Carolina and Sydney, Australia, but the South is my home. After graduating from college, I spent the summer volunteering in Thailand and sailing in Croatia before moving to Australia for a year-long working holiday. Since then, I’ve been working odd jobs and writing to keep up an almost-constant life of travel. I just got back from three months in Southeast Asia.

When I’m not traveling, I’m a travel writer published in National Geographic Traveler,, Matador Network and Travel Mindset. I love all things food-related, craft beer, cocktails and, of course, travel. I’m addicted to good books.

How did Caroline in the City come about?

I was going through a breakup and needed a hobby, so I started my blog as a way to talk about my past travels. From there, I wrote about my life in Charleston and it eventually turned into a full-time travel blog. Now I write about traveling after college, how to budget and working abroad.

How do you pick the places you travel to? Is there any rhyme or reason to how you pick?

There isn’t much rhyme or reason to where I go and when. Sometimes it’s to visit friends from previous travels and most of the time it’s a whim. I also try to travel in the low season for cheaper prices and less crowds, especially in Europe.

What has been your favorite place to visit so far?

There are so many places that I love passionately that it’s hard to pick just one. Charleston was my first love and will always have a special place in my heart. Sydney still feels like home, especially after living there for a year. And I am always thinking about Croatia, Turkey and Montreal.

What has been your favorite culinary experience abroad?

I’ve loved certain places because the culinary scene surprised me so much. I had no idea what to expect from Turkey, but I didn’t have a single bad meal there. The people are so kind and want to cook for you. I subsisted for 3 weeks on gozleme, kebabs and grilled fish. The flavors are complex without being fussy.


All pictures provided by Caroline from her blog.


All pictures provided by Caroline from her blog.

What’s your favorite Southern dish?

That’s another tough one. A few years ago I would have easily said hashbrown casserole, which is basically my favorite family meal, but I gave up dairy last year. Shrimp and grits is certainly a contender, as it was the signature dish of my former home of Charleston.


All pictures provided by Caroline from her blog.

How do you navigate restaurants in other countries where it’s sometimes hard to distinguish what you’re ordering on the menu?

Most times I just ask what the server recommends or what everyone else is eating, which has rarely steered me wrong. The only place that it didn’t pan out was in a town in Vietnam, where I just pointed at something on the menu. We got bread and a bowl of chicken with the bones and skin still on, some with a bit of feathers.


All pictures provided by Caroline from her blog.

Where are you planning on traveling to next?

I’ll be traveling to New York, Kentucky and Savannah for stints throughout the rest of 2014, but past that, I have no idea! I plan on staying put more or less for a while, traveling regionally to build content on my other site This Is My South.

* * *
I asked Caroline if she had any other culinary experience she wanted to share…check out her posts below:

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All pictures provided by Caroline from her blog.

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All pictures provided by Caroline from her blog.

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All pictures provided by Caroline from her blog.

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All pictures provided by Caroline from her blog.

In addition to Caroline in the City, you can find more of Caroline’s writing here:

Facebook | Caroline in the City
Website | Caroline in the City Blog
Website | This Is My South
AFAR Magazine | Atlanta Travel Guide
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