122 Fountain Street
Providence, RI 02903

Phone |


Hours |

Sunday – Thursday 4 p.m. – 1 a.m.
Friday – Saturday 4 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Kitchen closes at midnight.

There is a lot of good food in Rhode Island. Seafood? You got it. Authentic Italian and Sicilian? Yep. Portuguese? Duh. But how about German food? I don’t know about you, but when people say, “I’m going to Providence.” I don’t automatically respond with “OH MY GOD THEY HAVE THE BEST GERMAN FOOD!”

With that said, Faust – which is located off of the Dean Hotel in downtown Providence is a surprisingly authentic take on German food and drink that should not be missed.

Now you might be asking what a Portuguese girl knows about German food. The answer is absolutely nothing at all. My best friend is engaged to a man from the UK but he is also German. I mean that in the sense that he is fluent in German, has adorable wee German grandparents, and cooks authentic German food when he’s home AND can down a liter of beer in a hot minute. So we took him to get some food that we hoped might take the edge off his homesickness.

There is nothing more nerve wracking then taking someone to a restaurant that claims to be super authentic. I wouldn’t know authentic German food if it walked in the room and slapped some lederhosen on me. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I’ll just list out what we ordered and then briefly go into the entire meal. Spoiler alert: it was ridiculously fantastic.

Starters |

Bavarian Pretzel + Mustard $5
Obatzda (Beer Cheese) + Baguette $6

Dinner |

Bratwurst: All pork + Traditional Spices $13
Currywurst: Bratwurst + Curry Sauce $14
Roasted Mushrooms: Pretzel dumplings, Greens, Pickled Kale, Poached Egg $16
Side of  Spätzle

The pretzel was unlike any pretzel I’ve had before. It was so soft and flavorful – nothing about this pretzel was like the tough thick ones you get at baseball games. I used my pretzel as a spoon to devour the spicy mustard that came on the side.

The obatzda was…well…beer cheese. Do I need to say anything more? Let’s just say I was upset when the waitress took the plate. Sure, the bread was gone but I would have just used my finger to get the rest of the cheese to be completely honest.

I ordered the Bratwurst with the traditional spices. It came on a plate with sauerkraut, mustard and fries. According to Tony, in Germany I wouldn’t have gotten the fries but would have gotten something like rye bread.  It was probably the most obvious thing they could have done to Americanize the dish, but I forgave them due to the fact that these fries were perfect and so delicious I couldn’t stop eating them.

Fun fact about the writer: I’m not a huge fry fan. I know, I know. Blasphemy. But your fry has to be something real special for me to pay it any attention.


What has always been the characteristic that I’ve remembered about German food is that it’s all brown. Honestly, the color palette on these plates is just beige. Now that I think about it, so was the color scheme in the restaurant itself. DO NOT BE AS FOOLISH AS ME! Don’t allow that to make you think that some how the flavors will be bland just because the colors are. Everything was so dynamic and complimented each other so well I was in heaven. The rich flavors of the bratwurst were complimented by the coolness of the sauerkraut and an extra kick could be added if you added a bit of mustard as well.

Obviously I wasn’t far off because Tony continuously commented about how good the food was, how it reminded him of how his Father makes it at home or how his grandmother makes it…sure things there were a bit different than you’d get on your kitchen table, but he seemed very impressed. That right there should sell you on Faust alone.

I sampled the mushroom dish…the pretzel dumplings were delicious and the mushrooms were meaty and flavorful. The only other dish I’d like to talk about a bit more was the spätzle.

Chelsea and Tony both told me that his Father pretty much makes the best damn spätzle that ever did spätzle. He said that instead of turkey or ham for Christmas his family will make this with venison.

Sign me up.

Although the both of them said that his Father makes it slightly different then how Faust presented it (with brown butter) it was still phenomenal and brought them right back to his family’s kitchen.

I never thought in a million years I would be day dreaming about bratwurst…or texting my Mom saying “You HAVE to go check out this German place…” but I whole heartedly encourage those of you in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to step out of your shell a little bit and head down to Faust, grab a beer and for the love of all things sacred order some of that obatzda for me will you?


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