The Hexx

I tend to avoid writing about products as much as humanly possible. Although I cook as much as I can and try to learn as much as I can, I’ve never really been so impressed with something that I thought I should take the time to write about it. The kitchen is for me; the sassy restaurant views are for you!

However this past Sunday I had the pleasure of being invited over to the home of Ray and Luchi Palermo. Ray and Luchi are the duo behind the QuadCooker – which is the first new design in naturally fired cooking in 100 years.  It gets to professional grade temperatures of 900* F.  They had us over to show off the new Hexx. Essentially it’s the Quad Cooker but smaller! Perfect for camping, tailgating or even hunting.

Insane right?

Okay, time for some honesty here. My obnoxious-New England-self is always, ALWAYS skeptical of everything, all the time. I like to think of it as an asset, but ya know. It can be tiresome to the people around me. I get it. I love you all.

I wasn’t convinced that this QuadCooker was going to be anything special.  I’m not a grill master; I sort of assumed that the wonders of this cooker were going to kind of be lost on me. I still ask my brother to light the grill at home because it freaks me out. Anyways – I digress.


Two Hexx grills ready to go!


The speed at which this grill cooks is ridiculous. You might think that means you end up burning all the things and stuff would be over done (or under done) but that was not the case. In an hour and a half we cooked:

  • Steak
  • Sausage
  • Peppers
  • Apples
  • Pineapple
  • Tomato, scallions and jalapeños
  • Green beans
  • Paella
  • Fried shrimp

Now, notice I said “cooked’ – not all of that was grilled.  You can sit a wok on top of this, a perforated wok, and of course a PAELLA PAN!


Tomatoes, scallions and jalepeños getting grilled up for salsa!


Tomatoes, scallions and jalepeños getting grilled up for salsa!


Grilled apples topped with cheddar cheese, honey and pumpkin seeds. Absolutely to die for.


Grilled apples topped with cheddar cheese, honey and pumpkin seeds. Absolutely to die for.


Does this need a caption? Please.


Paella being cooked on the Quad!


Perfectly fried shrimp!

Capitalization is a must here because holy crap. Anyways, here are some really cool facts about the Quad Cooker and the Hexx.

  • The outside of the Hexx – the part that looks like cement? It’s actually made of the same refractory product they line elevator shafts with to prevent the building from burning up. What does that mean? Well, it means your Hexx might get to be 900* but it’s much safer around children as you can touch the sides and it stays completely cool! I have video proof of this over on my Facebook page.

Do not try this at home. Unless you’re Ray.

  • This grill is self regulated which means once you get your charcoal going, you don’t have to keep messing with it. It can stay at its highest temperature for 2-3 hours without having to be messed with.
  • Clean up is pretty much nonexistent. The grill top should be seasoned, like an iron skillet…the bowl inside can be dumped and thrown in the dishwasher!
  • All of the parts of this grill are made in the USA and most parts are made right in Georgia.

Okay so now you’re wondering where you can buy one. I was thinking the same thing as I chowed down on perfectly cooked steak and paella.

They just launched their Kickstarter campaign today! Head over to their page NOW to put in for your Hexx.

Never used Kickstarter before? Well it’s basically this: Ray and Luchi set a goal of $10,000 – this would cover manufacturing the product and sustaining their business.  So if they reach their goal of $10,000 in 30 days then poof! Champagne and Hexx grills for everyone! But if they don’t, that’s all she wrote. You don’t get charged a dime. But you’ll have to deal with me because I really want my Hexx!

Head on over RIGHT THIS SECOND and read more about the product, the Kickstarter campaign and Ray and Luchi!

And of course if you have any questions for me regarding my time with Ray and Luchi please do not hesitate to reach out via email:

They were phenomenal hosts who have a genuinely phenomenal product and I am thrilled to support them in their Hexx endeavor!


Check out the links throughout the post to learn more about the Quad and Hexx cookers.


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