The Atlanta Cheese Festival

On Friday I headed over to the Botanical Gardens for Atlanta’s second annual Cheese Festival.

Yes, I said cheese festival.

I took a friend and we both ventured in. This was my first time at the Botanical Gardens and loved having the opportunity to take it all in. They have their Halloween/Scarecrow exhibit up, so that was awesome to take in as we made our way to the vendors.


Botanical Garden sculptures.


Botanical Garden sculptures.

However this event was a miss for me – some of the reasons were completely out of the organizers control (weather, for one) but there were some aspects that I think could have been improved on.

Frankly, the number of people was ridiculous. There was no room, no rhyme or reason to how lines formed. I mean how could there be with over 100 vendors.  I had to throw elbows to get samples and even when I found something I liked, there was no room for me to reach in my wallet to buy some, which was too bad (both for me and the vendors).

The humidity just made some of the cheese, err not as appetizing as how they would be normally. But that falls under the category of “can’t be helped.”

The positives? Some of that cheese was bomb! My favorite was a goat cheese topped with a fig preserve.  There was also a ton of cured meats there that were to die for.


Goat cheese with blueberry preserves.

Atlanta Cheese Festival.

The most creative grilled cheese I ate that night (and probably the most exciting thing to happen the whole festival) consisted of the following:

Krispy Crème Donut
Stilton with Lemon Zest
Candied Ginger
Valrhona “Caramélia” Chocolate


Yeah it tasted as decadent as it sounds.

The runner up (in my book) came from Davios:

Spiced Apple
Peanut Butter


There were so many original creations.


There were so many original creations.

I feel like I’ll be making the Davio’s grilled cheese at home some time…but probably not the Krispy Crème Grilled Cheese. It’s one thing to eat that at a cheese festival it’s a whole other beast when you’re making that in your kitchen.

Overall, not bad. I’m not sure if I’ll be back next year but I would certainly encourage you all the check it out and see for yourself!


Great view of the city.

Disclaimer – I received a complimentary press pass to attend this event, but the opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by any outside sources.


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