2014: Bye Felicia.


I wish I could say I’m sad to see you go.

I’m not.

You threw some pretty nasty shade my way this year – some of it worse than others:

  • My first love fell out of love with me.
  • Cancer happened.
  • Surgeries happened.
  • Friendships were tested.
  • I didn’t know that “No.” could be a complete sentence.
  • Death happened.
  • I was mean to people who didn’t deserve it.
  • I gave the wrong people too many chances.
  • I felt the most alone I have ever felt in my life – in a city where I knew no one.
  • Financially I was in the toughest spots I had ever been in.
  • Other stuff. And things.

Although to be perfectly honest you did try to make it up to me along the way. Peppered in the heart ache and confusion there was a lot of beautiful and amazing things that happened:

  • I was in love. For a time.
  • Crossed Yellowstone off my bucket list.
  • I also crossed seeing a bison off my bucket list.
  • I can now say I lived in sunny California!
  • Saw more of the country I ever thought I would see in my life. Ever.
  • I adopted two rescue animals and I’m in love with them.
  • I watched my best friend in the world get married.
  • I started a job where I’m appreciated, that I enjoy coming into in the morning.
  • Renewed old friendships.
  • Made new friends.
  • So many Walking Dead memories! Oh my goodness. Met Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus and IronE Singleton!
  • I was forgiven by the people I was mean to.
  • For the first time built a life from scratch, completely on my own and I have never been more proud of myself.
  • Moved to Atlanta.
  • One of my best friends from college had a BABY! Even though I love this precious bundle of joy, I am also thrilled I got to  hit up Disney World with her & my other college BFF before the baby came!
  • I ate so many delicious foods. Nom.
  • I learned to say Yes.
  • I learned that “No” can be a complete sentence.
  • I discovered that the power of the internet is a beautiful and amazing thing and was constantly in awe of the support and connections I maintained with my friends from around the country and the world.
  • GRITS. That gets its own line here.

Good Eats: Mundial started when I first moved to Atlanta as a filler between the endless hours I was spending looking for jobs. I honestly didn’t think I would keep up with updating it. Then one morning I got an email from Denise Romeo of We Like 2 Cook. Truthfully I thought I was being spammed. Why would they want me to join the Atlanta Food Blogger’s Society? But I decided to say yes. Yes. Why not?

Well. Saying YES, jumping in first and figuring it out later can pay off sometimes.

Moving to Atlanta and joining the ATLFBS has introduced me to some amazing people (and food, duh). The Simmons woman in me reveled in the fact that I was suddenly surrounded by strong, intelligent, motivated women – entrepreneurs, foodies, life hustlers that treated me like I had been there all along. These women motivated me, encouraged me and included me – even if they didn’t realize they were doing that for me in the moment. It meant (and means) the world to a scared, stand offish Yankee who wasn’t sure where to start when it came to her new life down South. It lifted me up just when I needed it. It kept me going when I was going through the nasty bits of 2014.

Of course there are men in the ATFLBS too! The only examples of Southern Gentlemen I have met thus far – but I am so grateful they, too, opened their homes to me and made me feel like I had friends here.

Then of course – there’s you!

If you’ve gotten this far in this post – you’re a gem and I love you for forever and ever. I thought that my Mom was going to be the only person who read my bog (love you!) but it turns out some of you guys stuck around and took a peek yourselves.


Writing and taking pictures about something I love so much in a place I am falling in love with day after day is amazing but it’s PHENOMENAL when people around me take an interest and support me in this journey simply by reading along. Thanks for thinking I have something of value to say. Thanks for thinking my pictures look cool. Thanks for the messages, likes, comments and shares.


I hope you all enjoyed 2014 as much as did and I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!

2015: I am so ready. 

2014 Highlight Reel:




Editing on the Tap 1180 patio.


My lovely college roommates on a surprise trip to Florida!


My best friend got married!


Adopted Gryffin in 2014.


Adopted Atticus in 2014.


Countless food adventures.


Sushi in Providence.


Countless media opportunities.


ATLFBS event.


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