RA Sushi

RA Sushi
1080 Peachtree Street, Suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30309
Ph: 404-267-0114

This week I was invited to check out RA Sushi in Midtown. I was so excited to give this place a try.

I love sushi.

So much.

It’s probably one of my favorite things in the world to eatand one of my bucket list items is to go to Japan and learn everything I can about it. I digress.

The ambience of the venue is super sexy. The color scheme is deep red and black and it was quite crowded for a Wednesday night. It wasn’t just the after work crowd taking up room at the bar for Happy Hour (which they have and looks ah-mazing). The dining room was filling up as well. I took that as a good sign. We were showed upstairs to a large table and our servers quickly came over to greet us.

As far as service goes – it was fast and friendly. The poor server who kept getting my end of the table had to put up with my inability to sit still. I’m like a six year old when I’m sitting at a high top. I’m always dropping something, always accidentally elbowing the person next to me. I think at one point I accidentally hit her with my purse when I was trying to put it on the back of the chair. She just smiled happily and said it was fine. Ugh. Bless her.

Now before I get into the food I will say this – everything we got was sample size so I can’t really speak to the amount you would get when you normally order.  So don’t look at my pictures and think that all of the plates at RA Sushi are tapas size!

They’re not. Thank goodness.


RA Sushi Menu.

Chili Garlic Shrimp & Lychee Margarita

The Lychee Margarita wasn’t bad. I’ve had lychee flavored drinks and candies before so I felt like I knew exactly how this drink would taste and I was right. It’s a subtle almost earthy tasting fruit. It’s not very sweet at all. I actually think this drink would make an awesome shot, but I’ve never been a fan of lychee in any form, so I’m not sure if I’d order the whole drink.
If you like lychee though you will be obsessed with this drink. If you’re unsure? I would sit at the bar and ask the bartender to make a bit extra the next time they make one for someone else so you can have a taste. Try it for yourself before you let me sway you!

The spicy shrimp were bombbbbbbbbbbbbb DOT com. They’re lightly tempura battered and tossed in a chili ponzu sauce and they’re served on top of sautéed bok choy and topped with crispy fried ramen. GIMME. I really enjoyed this dish. Just spicy enough, but not so overwhelming that it ended up being devoid of flavor.


Spicy shrimp.


Lychee Margarita.

Red Heart Roll, Passion Punch / Crunchy Yami Roll, Ty Ku Coconut Nigori

Okay, so the passion punch is a drink you want to order if you love sweet drinks. I mean it was delicious, but definitely for those of you with a sweet tooth.

The Red Heart Roll is crab, avocado and cucumber rolled and topped with crispy tuna spicy mayo and siracha. I didn’t find it as spicy as you might think it would be from all of that. What I liked most about this roll was that it tasted fresh. I’m not sure if some of you have experienced this, but once in awhile you can eat a maki roll that tastes like the rice has been
sitting out and it’s almost hard? That’s the worst. This was wonderful though, and I wish I had a full roll to eat!

The Crunchy Yami Roll had tempura sweet potato, cucumber and avocado rolled and topped with shredded sweet potato and tempura bits. This was an awesome take on a vegetarian California Roll. I’ve seen it done a lot down here in the south – incorporating sweet potato into maki. I think it’s a brilliant. It’s substantial enough to give you the feeling that you’re eating
something like meat. It’s not too sweet and frankly, I’d rather eat this roll over any ol’ California roll any day.

Oh, and if you like coconut water then you’ll love the Ty Ku Nigori. If you’re looking for a sweet coconut drink, this isn’t it. That really earthy tasting coconut flavor you get from coconut water is what you’ll find here.


Ty Ku Coconut Nigori.


Red Heart Roll, Passion Punch / Crunchy Yami Roll.

King Crab Salad and Blue Ginger

The king crab salad (pictured above) was super delicious and it was one of two dishes I wished I had more of. It consisted of king crab, avocado, cucumber and grape tomatoes tossed with mixed greens in a suehiro vinaigrette.

Suehiro – is a Japanese grain flavored distilled vinegar  #TheMoreYouKnow

I loved this salad. I don’t often tend to order things with King Crab in it, just because I’d rather eat fish. But the ingredients were simple, fresh and worked SO well together. This would make an awesome entrée to have before heading out on a Saturday night. Enough to fill you up, but light enough that you don’t feel bogged down.

The Blue Ginger Martini was by far my favorite drink of the night. Ohhhh goodness. The perfect balance of sweet and not. You couldn’t taste the alcohol but when it goes down it gives you that lovely feeling that’s like you’re being hugged. It has blueberry vodka, shaken with crushed blueberries and fresh ginger. This is going to be what I order when I’m sitting out on that patio during the inevitable hot Atlanta summer nights.

Seared Ahi Tuna & Hot Sake

The seared ahi tuna was what I was looking forward to eating the most and also what I was the most nervous about trying. I really, really love seared tuna, but I rarely order it when I go out because I can’t stand the tiny little slivers of tuna I get! GIVE ME TUNA OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Ra Sushi did not disappoint (picture below). It was cooked perfectly. The middle was a perfect rare/slightly medium rare and the outside was rubbed with a black pepper and togarashi. It was seared and served on grilled asparagus with a shitake mushroom cream house.

Togarashi – Japanese for genus Capsicum, or specifically the species Capsicum annuum, and commonly translated as chili pepper#TheMoreYouKnow

The asparagus was perfect. Grill marks? Check. Tender? Check. They make their asparagus the way I like to. Great minds, amiright?!

I would be interested to see how the shitake mushroom cream sauce comes into play on the regular size entrée. It was a bit distracting because it was SO good. I almost wished I had a small bowl of that sauce just to eat.


Perfectly cooked tuna.

The hot sake they served with this dish was the traditional sake you can find on their happy hour menu. I love, love, love hot sake and this one was no exception. I will have to reach out to management and ask what type of sake it is, because I need some for home when I’m unable to swing in for happy hour.

Overall, Ra Sushi is a win for me. The décor is perfect for having some well-mannered frivolity and with an extensive drink and food menu; everyone can find something they like here. I’ll be back for sure!

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this tasting in exchange for an honest and transparent review of my experience.


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