#YPCANDOTHAT – The Luminary

Last week I had the brilliant opportunity to join Eating With Erica & YP (formally Yellow Pages) at The Luminary. YP is currently in the process of rebranding itself. Gone are the days of just a book of phone numbers. YP is now looking to connect with communities on a local level – to support local businesses that not just serve but uplift the community. The Luminary was a great place for their first event in Atlanta.

The view of my seat at the table. Not bad.

From The Luminary’s website:

Described by Kirshtein as an American brasserie with regional influences and named after Atlanta’s historic first newspaper, The Luminary features a classically inspired menu, large raw bar, craft beer and cocktail program and 400-square-foot patio space.

We were served a wonderful four course dinner but before I get into that, I want to address my absolute favorite thing about the night: the Pear Necessities.

This cocktail was made with Old Fourth Vodka, pear shrub, lemon & ginger beer.

The Pear Necessities.

Aside from being a light, refreshing and absolutely to die for – what I loved about this was in this ONE cocktail, The Luminary was able to encapsulate everything about this event. The vodka that was used was brewed by the first distillery in city limits in over (I think) 200 years. The distillery is actually only a five minute drive down the street and was able to come to fruition when members of the community helped get the owners started by donating to their Kickstarter campaign.

I mean, how freakin’ awesome is that? How often is the vodka in your drink made just down the street from where you’re enjoying your cocktail? Yeah, never. That never happens.

Dinner was also wonderful.

I started off with the Bibb Salad which was light and refreshing.

First course: salad.

Next, I had the Chicken Liver Mousse. I struggled with this dish a bit…I think in the end, I like my chicken livers whole! But I love that they offer something on their menu you don’t often seen anywhere else.

Chicken Liver Mousse.

For my entree I had the gnocchi in a foie gras sauce. The pasta was so light…like little tiny pillows of heavenly pasta fluff. That’s a thing – don’t question me. The sauce was delicious, but a bit salty due to it being a foie gras base, but I didn’t leave a bite on my plate!

Gnocchi in a foie gras sauce.

Last, but not least was the salty caramel ganache tart with milk chocolate sorbet. Yeah, so – the answer is YES. YES it tasted as delicious as it sounds.

Overall, I think that Luminary is worth a visit. They won me over with their super sleek decor, the delicious (AND LOCALLY SOURCED) cocktails and creative food options. The service was also impeccable. Our servers Ian and Addie were on point!

Thank you again to Eating With Erica & YP for hosting this event. Be sure to check out their sites to see what other YP events may surface around Atlanta!


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