Hops in the Hangar

One of my favorite things to do in the world is drink in airports. I’m not talking about getting wasted; I just mean have a drink. Nothing makes me feel more like a boss. Usually it’s a glass of wine before an evening flight, a beer for an afternoon flight and bloody marys in the morning – BEST. BEST EVER. Look:


Tweeting my love of airport drinking.

So when I heard that there was an event called Hops in the Hanger that was being held at the Delta Museum, I was all over it. How could I not go sample beers in an actual hangar? Sign me up!


Delta Museum.


Delta Museum.

I feel like it’s best to split up this evening in a ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ list. There are a lot of festivals in Atlanta, so it can sometimes be hard to figure out which ones are worth going to. I’ll start off with the negatives and end on a happy note (the pro list is much longer):


• Barely any food
• No really I was almost tackling waiters for food
• Couldn’t go into the huge plane that was in there

That’s really it for cons, although the scarce food was a huge one. The flyer specifically said “savor bbq provided by LowCountry Catering.” The ‘first class’ ticket holders had a little area that was blocked off where they could help themselves to a buffet. The rest of us (the majority of us) were ‘economy class’ ticket holders and the food was served on passing trays. Except there were no passing trays. Practically ever.

LISTEN UP: if any food event/food festival organizers are reading this do NOT invite a bunch of bloggers to an event that publicizes BBQ, give them access to a TON of beer and then NOT FEED THEM.  I mean, it’s bad enough to do that to a normal person but when I tell you that at one point I was complete shell of myself…lord. I was stalking these poor waiters.

Like a lioness.
A hungry, drunk, bitchy lioness.

Have any of you seen a slightly over weight Portuguese girl drunk and deprived of food? No? Good. It’s horrifying.

Eventually I got smart, figured out where the trays were leaving the kitchen and I hovered so I could steal food as the trays passed me. The waiter’s would get two feet and anyone who happened to be near by would clean up those trays faster than you can say “wheredafuqisalldabbq” because they were ravenous! Which meant the REST of the hangar was left hungry.

Either staff your event accordingly or just don’t serve food at all. For realz.

As far as going into the plane, the more that I think about it the more I feel that it wasn’t really a con. I guess you have to get something special for having a ‘first class’ ticket, so it would make sense it would be that you could go into the plane while the rest of us hungry peasants hung out below it. I just wish that not leaving hungry wasn’t just a privilege saved for ‘first class’ ticket holders.


The cool plane first class ticket holders got to venture up to.

Now, on a positive note (and there’s much more of these than negative’s).


• There was a perfect number of selection of beer, not too few but not too many to manage, it was just right. The Goldilocks of beer would appove
• The size of the venue and the number of people who were there (it sold out) was perfect and extremely manageable
• I waited no longer than a minute or two in any line I stood in for beer
• The band was great
• The venue was SO MUCH FUN
• They had these interactive screens that had games on them that would have been fun if I had been sober too, so big points there
• They offered designated driver tickets and Safe Ride was present which is something I 1,000% support and condone and love – drinking is fine but supplying a responsible way home is key


Red Hare love.

If have read any of my past festival reviews, you know that I hate, loathe, despise and also detest long lines, over crowding and rude people. Good news: not a problem at this event! The venue itself was awesome and I hope I can get to go to the museum another night and really take in the exhibits. Maybe even climb up into the plane.


Our sweet souvenir glass.

I tried most of the beers there, but honestly I have a few that I really love so I made a few trips to the same booths so I missed some of the others.

Overall, I had a great time and I would love to go back next year. I just hope they listen to the feedback and adjust how they handle the food for the next go around.

Disclaimer – I received complimentary admission as a part of the ATLFBS. I don’t think it’ll take much convincing to show that my opinion was not influenced by any outside sources and is 100% my own. 


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