Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Last year I wrote about the Seven Things I Learned at Attack of the Killer Tomato Fest and shock, surprise – many of those lessons could have been applied to last weekends Atlanta Food & Wine Fest.

When I moved to Atlanta and first joined the ATLFBS it seemed like every blogger I met asked me “Were you here for Atlanta Food & Wine?” I had to wait a full year for my first experience but spoiler alert: it was worth it. 


Hey y’all – it’s time for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

I’ve never been one to pull punches, so if you missed this years event and are wondering if you should purchase passes next year, here the pros and cons of this particular festival:


  • This is the best food I have had at any food event, period. Including Taste of Atlanta. There. I said it. I mean it too.
  • The ticket includes unlimited food and drink – no clumsy ticket system!
  • The classes are a phenomenal opportunity to connect with chefs and learn a ton!
  • The check in process was mostly smooth (that’s probably the best you can ask for with large events like this in Atlanta).
  • There were little to no lines on the Friday I was there.


  • Having to walk from the hotel (where classes are held and where you check in) to the tasting tents was a bit much for my instant gratification personality. Was it manageable? Yes. Would I have preferred it be all in one location? Absolutely.
  • The tasting tents are only open for three hours, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. You know what this means: CROWDS! Atlanta is hot this time of year. Hot and humid. I was melting. If you mentally prepare yourself for this and accept the inevitable (as I did), this isn’t so much a con as a mild inconvenience. Nothing a little moonshine can’t fix. Speaking of which…
  • Unlimited booze will mean that some people will over indulge and get in a fight with their boyfriend (even if they’re over the age of 45) all the while blocking your access to the ONE wine table you really wanted to try. Sigh. Thankfully AFWF does have staff around to help in these situations, but that doesn’t make them any less unfortunate if you happen to get caught in the cross hairs.

I have been to a handful of festivals in Atlanta now including Taste of Atlanta, The Meatball Festival, Beltline Boil and Attack of the Killer Tomato Fest. However, Atlanta Food & Wine is my favorite one to date.

I can’t say enough about the quality of food and the range of food I was able to try.

Final say?

Atlanta Food and Wine is a win in my book. With the combination of learning and food tasting, it’s a unique chance to taste all the flavors of the South in one location. If you can only go to one festival in Atlanta – skip Taste of Atlanta and buy a three day pass to AFWF16.

Check out my pictures below and let me know if you were there this past weekend! What did you think?


Peach Sliders from Revolution Doughnuts.


Moonshine for days.

Turkey sliders.


Oysters from Feast BBQ.


Every table had a spread like this.


Sweet potato vodka.


Old 4th Distillery always kills it with their Lemon Fizz’s.


There was almost more vodka than food.


A mini clam boil on a shell…!



A Coke booth. Of course.


Pulled pork and macaroni and cheese.


This wine was perfect for sangria.


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