Last minute reservation? No problem. Table8 is here!

Earlier in August I participated in a Twitter chat hosted by the Association of Food Bloggers and Table8. The topic of this chat was trends in the food/restaurant industry. Ironically enough, even though Table8 is new to the market I don’t think that this is a “trend” that is going to come and go. Their idea is innovative, in demand and from what I’ve been able to tell, seamless. This is how it works.

The scenario:

Well meaning but clueless husband thinks it’s acceptable to bring his hardworking, foodie wife to a restaurant that wraps its silverware in paper napkins for their 25th anniversary.

As they’re getting ready for their big night on the town, she excitedly is chatting away about all the amazing restaurants she’s read about in Atlanta. Bistro Niko is a classic for such an important anniversary. But maybe St. Cecilia would be a more unique option. After all if there is a type of cuisine more romantic than French food, it’s Sicilian food. She can’t wait to see what surprise he has in store for her.

Suddenly, panic sets in. He hasn’t even put on his blazer yet but he’s sweating bullets. He realizes he’s made a terrible mistake. How in the ever-loving God is he going to get a table at any of these types of restaurants at 5 p.m. on a Saturday night? Impossible.

Enter, stage Well meaning but clueless husband signs on and quickly scans through an easily readable list of the most trendy and exceptional restaurants in Atlanta.

Image from

Image from

Bisto Niko and St. Cecilia both have tables available! At a bargain of $25 he can get them a table for two in TWO of the most in demand restaurants in Atlanta on a Saturday night. But what’s this? The Iberian Pig also has tables available! She’s expecting French or Sicilian…why not take it to the next level and surprise her with Spanish cuisine?! He clicks on the picture of The Iberian Pig and there is all the information he could need: food critic reviews, a list of accolades received by the restaurant and a quick overview of the ambiance which is described as modern and romantic.

Image from

Image from

Done and done. He reserves the table, sighs a breath of relief and tells her to get excited! She’s going to love what he has planned for her.

There it is. Table8 in a nutshell. There are hundreds of reasons why you may need a last minute reservation, but whatever that reason may be, Table8 has you covered.

Here’s a quick summary of how it works according to their website:

Image from

Image from

Now you might ask “Do you always have to pay for reservations on the site?” Not at all! If the restaurant is not booked to capacity you can use the site to reserve a table at no cost to you. You are only prompted for a charge of the restaurant is booked solid.

Image from

Image from

In addition to being an amazing concept for diners, I personally really love the set up of the site itself. Table8 is seamless, sleek and straightforward.

And last but not least, my number one favorite feature on the site might seem random to some of you, but to me it is one more bullet point on the list of awesome that puts Table8 above its competitors: the ability to view the menu (clearly) on the site without having to navigate away.

Image from

Image from

I can’t be the only one who has dealt with the infuriating menus that restaurants post on their sites that are either not mobile compatible or are just MIA all together. Table8 has taken care of gathering that information for you and putting it in an easily accessible and readable format.

As of right now, Table8 is up and running in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

If you have any questions about Table 8 you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and their website: You can also download the app for your iPhone or Android.


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