About Me

I’m originally from a small town in Massachusetts where I grew up eating an array of home cooked Portuguese, Italian and Sicilian meals. My Mother is a phenomenal cook who lives and dies by the motto “just try it once” and “I’m only cooking one meal a night, so you eat what’s there or so help me…”

My parents are adventurous eaters, so my siblings and I learned how to use chopsticks early, braved our way through our first vindaloo experience as a team and learned that you have to try something at least once before writing it off. Thanks to this mentality I have eaten an incredible variety of food ranging from jellyfish to cow stomach. Thanks Mom & Dad.

After graduating from Simmons College with a degree in Arts Administration and Political Science, I spent the next 3 years living and working in arguably one of my all time favorite cities in the country: Boston.

In the summer of 2013 I picked up and moved to Los Angeles.

Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Blvd. at sunset. 

I lived in the heart of Hollywood, ate the best tamales of my life and then six months later made a quick escape to Atlanta.

 W Hotel | MidtownMy best friend & I in Midtown, Atlanta. 

After a year and a half in the South, I found my way back to New England. For now.


There is nothing more New England than this picture. 

cookbooks, Rick Grimes, manbuns, social media, giving unwelcome but honest opinions, Atticus Finch, food, writing, her iPhone, her family, men who hate razors, sunflowers, intersectional feminism, Harry Potter, John Oliver, her dog (Atticus) and her cat (Gryffin)

people who use the word guru, how hot her car gets in the summer, Newport frat boys, mushy zucchini, people who dislike Skyler White, mansplaining, French food, when people who are only two years older than her refer to her as “one of those millennials”


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