Disclosure Policies

Disclosure Policy 

It is important to note that the views and opinions expressed on Good Eats: Mundial are my own and are never influenced by the receipt of free products or any other form of compensation. Integrity is extremely important to me! So my opinions are always my own and are never influenced by a brand, company or PR firm.

All content is written by me (unless otherwise noted) based on personal experience. Again, nothing is influenced by advertisers, affiliates, PR firms, brands or other individuals.

Photographs on Good Eats: Mundial

All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken or created by Good Eats: Mundial. Should you wish to use them, please reach out to us to ask for permission and then link back to Good Eats: Mundial and include the appropriate credit. We always try to credit every found image on this blog. Please e-mail us {goodeatsmundial@gmail.com} if we have omitted your image credit and it will be fixed right away!

Restaurant Reviews 

I do publish restaurant reviews. In cases where I receive a complimentary meal, I will disclose that information at the end of my post. Even if the meal is complimentary the reviews are all honest and unbiased.

Product Reviews

I am always up for trying out food, cookware, tableware, cookbooks or other food related products. If I am sent a product, there is no guarantee your product will be reviewed. Please note: I do not do paid positive reviews and never guarantee a positive review. I will only provide honest reviews with both pros and cons included and it will be based solely on my personal experience. Sharing product reviews provides a valuable service to the readers of Good Eats: Mundial who may be considering purchasing a product and reading an honest review can assist them in making an informed purchase.

If I have been provided a product for review, it will be disclosed at the end of the post.


There are times where content you see come from Good Eats: Mundial is not entirely food related. Any opinions reflected on my website or any of my social media pages (RT’s/article postings/shares are not endorsements) are expressly my own and do not reflect any of my affiliates including but not limited to the Association of Food Bloggers. 


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