About BTP

December 16, 1773

This is the day when hundreds of Bostonians decided: “screw taxation without representation,” boarded three ships docked at Griffin’s Wharf and dumped British East India Company tea into the harbor while screaming “FREE TOM BRADY!” And just like that, the spark for revolution was lit.

What We Do

The Boston Tea Party is a revolutionary lifestyle blog.

As women who blog we often find ourselves being pigeon holed to one corner of the blogging world: food, DIY, crafts, food, style, music, etc.

We stand above the rest as a progressive, all-encompassing lifestyle blog for our readers. Our subjects are as dynamic as our audience’s experiences and interests.

So for example, in addition to clean, Martha Stewart-esque tablescape “how to’s” (which we love) and our favorite clutches this season (we have a lot) we will also give you plenty to read on the new female assassin in Assassins Creed: Unity and the impending Presidential election. No topic is off limits.

The Boston Tea Party is your one stop shop. Welcome.